Plant biotech company

The Company

India’s largest Plant biotech company  – KF Bioplants, is a joint venture of Kumar Group and Florist Holland B.V., Global provider of quality ornamental plants, forestry plants, fruit plants, and high-value vegetable seedlings. KF Bioplants supplies 60 million plants annually for commercial cultivation in India, and in more than 30 countries worldwide. KF Bioplants, having 25 years of experience in this business and is associated with leading global companies. Its world-class facilities are situated in Pune and Mumbai.


  • 4 ultra-modern laboratories spread over 12,000 square meters
  • 32 fully-monitored growth rooms that can hold 20 million plants at any given point of time
  • Over 750 highly trained technicians, those carry out the multi-stage cloning and propagation processes
  • Built-in safeguards to ensure that plants receive 100 sterile environment to prevent infection
  • Greenhouses spread over 6.5 hectares, state-of-the-art fertigation system producing quality plants post in-vitro production
  • Computerized ERP system to ensure faultless precision
  • Cold storage units, temperature-controlled vans, and logistic facilities to enable scheduling for safe and timely supply.

Global Footprints

Holland Philippines Kenya
Italy Indonesia USA
South Korea Nepal Mexico
Japan Pakistan Ecuador
Israel Sri Lanka Colombia
Malaysia Mauritius Other South American countries

International Tie-ups

Florist Holland B.V. Darwin Plants B.V. Biancheri Creations
HilverdaKooij B.V. Royal Van Zanten Rosen Tantau GmbH
Floricultura B.V. Walter Blom Plants B.V. Esmeralda Farms Inc
Kapiteyn B.V. MAK Breeding B.V. California University
World Breeding B.V. Original B.V. Roy Ekland Marketing
Rijk Zwaan B.V. Danziger ‘Dan’ Flower Farm